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Sellics – Amazon Product Research Tools Comparable

Recent research compares Sellics Alternative to two of the most widely used comparison shopping tools, the Amazon Marketplace or the SiteClicker. Is Sellics better than IO Scout? Is Amazon’s comparison shopping really worth the money?

Recently, I completed a price comparison service comparison between the two tools. It was clear that Amazon’s comparison software has more features than SiteClicker. This conclusion is inescapable due to the price difference. Profit differences can always be attributed to price differences.

I was unaware of the differences between the price comparison tools before I looked at them. Although they may appear almost identical at first glance, SiteClicker has more features. This analysis compares three of the most important comparison shopping features on each site.

SiteClicker offers one option for comparison. This allows you to enter the products or services that you are searching for. It only accepts Amazon products and services, making it the most basic of comparison software. There are many other price comparison sites.

After having reviewed the SiteClicker comparison tool, I decided to try the OfferVesta comparison service. Although I understand that OfferVesta’s comparison services are not available by Sellics Alternative, I included them as they are very similar to the Amazon product search tools. You can use the Sellics Alternative software if you look at the Comparison tab on OfferVesta.

Price Comparison: If you are looking for a price comparison tool to help you compare products and services, SiteClicker makes it easy. You can then compare prices.

For a price comparison, it is even more important to be able to enter a product description using the Drop Down Menu on SiteClicker’s comparison page. Some comparison sites do not allow this. This is extremely frustrating. You can quickly enter information in the drop-down menu to compare prices on OfferVesta and not worry about pricing.

SaleHoo has the same pricing features offered by SiteClicker, OfferVesta and other sites. SaleHoo is the only comparison site that allows you to compare prices and descriptions.

When comparing product descriptions and price, the second feature that I discovered was the ability to try the product for free before buying it is the ability of the user to get a trial. SiteClicker offers this feature as well.

SiteClicker, OfferVesta, and SaleHoo still offer price comparisons that I love, but the customer service I received at SiteClicker.com was terrible. Although I am aware that the comparison service offers free trials, I realized after I had paid the initial fee and started receiving traffic to my site that it wasn’t a free trial.

SiteClicker provides a Price Comparison and Product Description Service. SiteClicker’s Comparison Service was not reliable, but it did provide additional shopping tools.

I was interested in the Comparison Service OfferVesta. The Sellics Alternative Comparison software is a great option for comparing prices in a business.

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